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Lobbyist & Financial and Strategic Advisor

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Open Gate London LTD is a firm born in London in 2019 from several years of experience in politicals, finance, real estate and corporate management. It's team is focus on lobbying and advocacy activity.




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Open Gate helps its customers to have a new vision of their businesses

Corporate finance advisory 

Open Gate has an important international network, composed of financial structures in different parts of the world. The areas covered by our network are the following: 

- Europe;

- Russia; 

- Middle East;

- Asia; 

- United States of America; 

 The experience and the know-how developed over the years by the members of the Open Gate’s team has allowed us to offer the following services to its customers:

- factoring solutions (credits against public administration, private companies, tax authorities, etc.). 

- credits monetization (through the counter guarantee of international insurance groups or alternative financial entities).

- asset based loans.

- international assets management (focused on protection and taxation).

Green innovation advisory

Over the years Open Gate has gained an important expertice on the renewable energy, energy efficiency and the circular economy topics. 

Finally we can make this know how available to our customers. We also have partnerships and agreements with several of the major players of this sector. 

We are currently focused on United Kingdom, European and Italian markets, because that allow us to easily carry out industrial proposals linked to the sector. 

On the Italian market energy efficiency, we have defined agreements with large players. It allows us to work on the linked 110 % super bonus, as regulated and defined by the government, providing technical skills and financial resources in order to achieve the result. 

outsourced management 

Open Gate’s team has a great experience and know-how in general outsourced management. The business areas in which we are focused on are the following:

- Financial management (with over 20 years of experience).

- Management control (with over 25 years of experience).

- Claim management (with over 15 years of experience). 

- Credit management (with over 5 years of experience). 

Starting from our experience on clients’ companies, we have selected and also created several solutions and products we used to provide to new clients.

Fintech Advisory

We are fully aware of how the world and the entire financial environment is changing. The new and structured information technologies allow us to explore new and incredible possibilities, such as: Blochchain, artificial intelligence, edge computing, Internet of Things, remote working etc. 

Open Gate has the relationships and skills to face up with the new challenges in technology and fintech world. We have the right mindset and method to reach all the results. Till today we have worked with many players in the crowdfunding field, related to both real estate and management of other kind of assets. We are opened and constantly ready for other market challenges. 


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